There is a disgusting amount of garbage collecting in our dumps, our city streets, and our waterways.The benefits of sustainability, on our world, seem obvious to me, but making a difference feels overwhelming. How can I bring about change?

First, I started the process of salvaging myself. Through my healing, I discovered strategies for piecing myself back together; this is also how I piece my art together. My name is Trent Nahas.

My creative process has a crucial component. It requires the belief that everything I need is already with me or within arm’s reach. This is how I see all the discarded and overlooked potential around me. I have unlimited creative options and an endless supply of free creative material.

If others see the inspiring art that I make from mere salvage, they too may be inspired to integrate similar concepts into their own lives.

Please enjoy my work! and, if you’d like, look real close and see if you can detect the objects used to make these sculptures. Check out the picture to the right. The butt of the insect is made from a broken toy car.