Usaa Amendment To Depository Agreement And Disclosures

1 USAA Federal Savings Bank Service Fee Schedule Effective 03/01/14 Registration, Savings and CD Account Fee Information to keep your budget on track. Account opening and use All current accounts and SAVINGS USAA pay interest. You can find the latest price information in or call THE MINIMUM DEPOT AT THE OPEN ACCOUNT USAA Secure Checking Plus… 50 USD USAA Performance First Savings… 10,000 USD All other types of account… – Limits USAA ATM FEES All withdrawals… 0 NON-USAA ATM FEES First 10 withdrawals per monthly account statement cycle… $0 Each payment after the first 10 per month… 2 U.S.

Federal Savings Bank (FSB) automatically reimburses ATM surcharges up to $15 per monthly statement, with the exception of the monthly billing cycle in which an account is closed. ALL ATM – DEBIT CARD Foreign transaction fees… 1% of the transaction amount Applies to debit or bank card transactions with a merchant or ATM in a foreign country, whether the transaction is initially denominated in U.S. dollars or converted from foreign currency. 5 USAA Federal Savings Bank McDermott Freeway San Antonio, Texas Effective Account Plan 03/01/2014 This calendar applies to the USAA Federal Savings Bank Accounts described below. It is part of the mandatory contract between you and the bank for your deposit report. Please check the entire calendar carefully. The bank can change the accounts described in this calendar at any time by adding new terms of sale or by removing or changing existing terms and conditions. The bank can add new accounts or convert or settle existing accounts from time to time. Other terms and conditions for your account can be found in the confidentiality agreement and declarations, as well as in the service fee plan.

Control Accounts with Interest Account USAA Secure Checking Minimum Amount to Open Account 25 No Minimum Balance Required Monthly Service No Monthly Or Annual Service Fees Authorization Account Holders Must Be Individuals. Account holders under the age of 18 must have an adult joint account holder. Account/Online Banking Service Features with USAA Debit Card Service for Holders of Qualified Accounts Money from Your Current Accounts or Savings Overdraft Coverage Services from Your Linked USAA Account or USAA Credit Card Unlimited Check Write other important information about your previously known account as Four-Star Checking, College Start Checking, USAA Free Checking. The account earns interest at a variable rate for balances greater than $1,000. You will find up-to-date information on interest rates and interest rates applicable at: Prices can change daily. The audit of interest accounts continued on page 2. USAA Federal Savings Bank USAA (8722) page 1 of the 8 USAA Youth Savings Fund account open account $25 No minimum balance required Monthly or annual service fees No monthly or annual service fee can be opened as a deposit account after the Uniform Transfers/Gifts to Minors Act; or may be opened jointly by an adult and a minor child under the age of 18.