Dance Studio Non-Compete Agreement

As teachers gain experience and self-confidence, it is natural that their ambitions can develop. The offer of franchises or partnerships gives you the opportunity to retain some instructors to finally start your own studios. Sue Sampson-Dalena, who owns the Dance Studio in Fresno, California, sees her talented young teachers not as a threat, but as an opportunity to expand their own teaching style and expand their activities through creative partnerships. “When I see someone who`s really ambitious, who has the kind of personality that would be good for a studio owner,” she says, “I talk to them about exploring partnership and expanding a place far from the main studio.” Moray also understands that the supervision of his faculty is the key to a happy and loyal staff and a healthy business. Their teachers` salaries are competitive and encourage them to set their own rates for every private education they give. “It`s like they all have an integrated clientele,” she says, “if they have to make a little more money by the way or play in the studios for a few hours. If it didn`t happen to you, it definitely happened to a studio owner you know: an employee – someone you trust, who you trust, mentored – suddenly announces that she`s opening her own studio. Down the block. Before you can say “no cat”, she is resigned to a third of your clientele and models every detail of her new business according to the one she has always succeeded – you! Most dance studio owners talk about the right to terminate a teacher at any time for a variety of reasons. This is usually related to faults or refusal to follow the agreed contract. Remember that this is another integrated defense against the appeal of new studios and former employees who decide to escape on their own if you treat your students well and offer them high quality dance training in a warm and dramatic environment. Before you jump on the Internet and start looking for a non-competition model, you should do some background research. Find your state`s guidelines on non-competition documents – there may be phrases or clauses that you need to include to ensure they are complied with.

You should also review all local court proceedings on similar circumstances to see the results. Dance Teacher magazine said non-competition obligations in court were notoriously difficult to meet because a ruling against a teacher would affect his ability to earn a living. Use this search to direct document creation and develop a backup plan to protect your studio. “In our studio, we don`t stop people from starting a competing business, but we try to keep them from getting in touch with our customers,” says Monson.