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I hope that the above information can be useful to those of you who wish to do the buying and selling process or who are looking for information about the S-P agreement. Legal review of the power purchase contract (PPA) between PT Paiton Energy Company and State Electricity General Company (PLN) Here is a translation of the meaning of the word Indonesian sales contract in the German-Indonesian dictionary The purchase and sale agreement will be the binding of both parties if it has entered into agreement, although there has been no transfer of items or payments. Because it is stipulated in article 1458 of the Civil Code. What is a sales contract? What we mean by a sales contract is a word that makes sense, please go to the table. Purchase contract is usually available in the dictionary or glossary below to explain what the meaning and meaning. In addition to the “sales contract,” you can also look for an explanation for the following terms: The sales contract consists of 2 words, namely purchase and contract In order to meet electricity needs, the Indonesian government has negotiated with a private consortium. In pre-contract activities, negotiations resulted in the establishment of a power purchase agreement (PPA) between PT Paiton Energy Company (Paiton) as a seller and The State Own Electricity Company (PLN) as the acquirer. This contract was signed on 12 February 1994 in Jakarta and then implemented as a Paiton I project. Therefore, this research focuses on the electricity purchase contract signed by PLN and Paiton in the context of legal studies, with an analionic normative approach. According to this approach, this research is expected to produce a new reasoning, theory and concept as a recipe for overcoming legal problems. This research analyzes documents, bills, regulations and other relevant texts in the legal system of the Republic of Indonesia. This research shows that the PLN, which is authorized to provide public electricity, has been put under pressure in handling Paiton and is almost powerless.

During the negotiation, Paiton made separate communications with the head of government, so that the government`s negotiating team`s offers were always in keeping with Paiton`s interest. Paiton personally has family connections and direct access to the authoritarian head of government and has psychological superiority in the negotiation process. This condition has catalyzed the agreement between PLN and Paiton as an inappropriate influence (willsgebreken). The S-P agreement is synonymous with a purchase and sale contract or is known as the SPA. I hope that despite the lack of answers, total understanding can help explain its importance. In the mail above, the meaning of the word “sales contract” comes from several sources, languages and websites that you can see in the Section source menu. To understand more, you can buy glossary books in the nearest bookstore as well as online bookstore sites. z.B. buy a book at Gramedia Do you want to buy and sell land, houses or other properties? You should be aware of the S-P agreement (SPA) or the trade agreement. In fact, Spa is often found in a variety of businesses, but most often used in real estate transactions. . Keywords: power purchase contract, abuse of circumstances, power purchase contract, undue influence The purchase and sale agreement is a commercial agreement between the two parties on a contract to sell goods.

The contract implies that the buyer is willing to pay in accordance with the agreement and the seller grants the buyer all material rights.